YouTube star “NoobworK” invests in Dwarfheim

The famous YouTuber, “NoobworK” has had great success with his own esport business and is now investing in game developers, Pineleaf.

Trondheim, June 9, 2021: Pineleaf Studio receives investment from celebrity YouTuber, Joachim “Noobwork” haraldsen, in their raise for funds to finalise and continue development of DwarfHeim.

I have been wanting to learn more about game development for a few years, so when this opportunity with Pineleaf came along, I had to take advantage of it. Even though I’ve learned a lot about games by playing them I’m still curious as to what goes on in the actual development process. There is so much potential here and I want to do what I can to ensure growth in the Norwegian game industry”

Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen
Joachim “NoobworK” Haraldsen

Pineleaf launched Dwarfheim into Early Access on Steam in October 2020 and is currently working on finishing the final game for launch this Fall.

Having an investor like Joachim on board is incredibly useful for us. He brings insight from a part of the industry that DwarfHeim will gain tremendous value from. We’re looking forward to having an active and engaged investor like Joachim in Pineleaf!”

Pineleaf CEO, Hans-Andreas Kelven

Harladsen rose to fame as the Youtuber, “Noobwork”, and has recently been committed to creating the world’s best esport organisation, Omaken Sports. The organisation has already proved to be a great success with evaluation of the company at approximately € 18 million after successfully buying Heroic, the world’s best CS:GO team. This is Haraldsen’s first investment in game development.

I’m really excited! I got to test DwarfHeim together with the Pineleaf team and I’m so impressed with what they have accomplished so far. It’s very clear to me that this is a game with great potential, both within esport and casual gaming. I hope that our esport athletes will have a chance to play the game in front of thousands of audience members and in big arenas in the future!”

Joachim “NoobworK” Haraldsen

Finishing Touches

Pineleaf Studio has been building the skills in Norway to handle larger game development projects and launches. They spend a lot of time analysing the market and want to develop online games with a long shelf life.

We wish to develop multiplayer games that are committed to cooperation and longevity for our players. Dwarfheim has great potential as an esport game, which is something that engages our players to keep coming back to play over and over again. Our plan is to grwo the game over time and introduce new features such as new heroes, maps and skins/cosmetics after launch. We believe that this will keep the players coming back and getting better at the game, together with their friends. “

Pineleaf CEO, Hans-Andreas Kleven
Pineleaf CEO, Hans-Andreas Kleven

The game studio is currently raising funds to keep develping the game through and after launch to ensure the future growth of the company.

Pineleaf has invested the funds we have raised so far into building a solid quality team, a great and engaged community and our own technology. Our vision is to become the leading game studio in Norway with a prominent standing in the global video games market. By raising investment on the Invesdor platform, we are reaching over 23 000 investors where we hope to find those that understand and recognise ambition within the games industry. We look forward to meeting them!”

Pineleaf CEO, Hans-Andreas Kleven

The investment campaign on Invesdor is active right now and will last until June 22 here:

About Joachim Haraldsen

Joachim “NoobworK” Haraldsen has been a leading content creator within the Norwegian gaming industry on TouTube for 7 years. In 2018 he decided to evolve and invest all his time and money on esport. Harladsen had his biggest breakthrough when he bought one of the world’s best CS:GO teams, Heroic. he is now the CEO of his own company, Omaken Sports, which has an estimated evaluation of € 18 million after one year. Today haraldsen has 22 employees and the world’s leading team of CS:GO and PUBG gamers.

About Pineleaf

Pineleaf is a game development studio in Norway that is dedicated to creating new gameplay experiences together with an active community of players.

In 2016, DwarfHeim won “Concept of the Year” at the Norwegian Game Awards. Since then, Pineleaf has gained more employees , building an outstanding team that we’re very proud of. Since Day ONE it ahs been important for us to build a dedicated community and develop DwarfHeim into what it is today. Pineleaf aims to become the leading game studio in Norway with a prominent standing in the global video games market.


Pineleaf press materials

Haraldsen press materials

For any additional questions please contact

Linn Sovig : linn.sovig [a] pineleafstudio [dot] com

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