Pineleaf launches campaign on Invesdor

Today Pineleaf launched a campaign on the investor platform, Invesdor. The goal is to raise between € 250 000 and € 800 000 to finish develpment of our first game, DwarfHeim and lay the foundations for growth in the game studio.

We launched DwarfHeim in Early Access on Steam in October last year and we’ve sold over 25 000 units so far. Since then we have worked closely with our game community in refining the gameplay and developing the game to ensure a successful launch this Fall”

Pineleaf CEO, Hans-Andreas Kleven

The game studio has been working on development of DwarfHeim since 2016 and has grown from four part-time employees to 18 full time in Trondheim since 2018.

Building a multiplayer online game requires a lot of talented developers. It’s an investment that needs to be made to ensure success in a global market. It’s our goal to keep building the studio to become a serious contender in the games market”.

Pineleaf CEO, Hans-Andreas Kleven

By launching on Invesdor we are using a platform that can reach over 23 000 potential investors worldwide. Invesdor has over 50 000 members in over 80 countries. The platform has successfully closed 180 campaigns and with over € 12 million invested in 2020.

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