About Pineleaf Studio

Pineleaf Studio was founded in 2015 and is a game development company based in Trondheim, Norway. Pineleaf Studio’s chief motivation has always been to have employees that are 100% invested in the games they are making, while also being experts in their field. This has resulted in a plethora of unique skillsets and personalities roaming the offices. As of today, the Pineleaf team includes 17 people, all highly motivated to make the best games they possibly can.

Pineleaf has already been nominated for and won several awards, including Nordic Game Awards and Creative Business Cup Norway. Among other things, this has something to do with the uniqueness of the studio’s game concepts. Pineleaf is looking to bring the best of several worlds together, and fuse them with original ideas. It is the firm belief of the studio that no facet of their games should lag behind. Equal emphasis is placed on gameplay, story, art, AI and sound design.

The studio is also working to put Norway - and Trondheim in particular - on the map. Already famed for its technological and innovative prowess, the city is being hailed as a ‘miniature silicon valley’ by some. Pineleaf hopes to both ride this wave and help increase it by placing a larger emphasis on video games and game development.

  1. The Beginning

    nov 2014

    It all started in 2014, when Co-Founder Anders Ottesen participated in the Norwegian Game Awards kickoff. With him, he had a napkin with a crudely drawn concept, and he was looking for people who wanted to develop this concept alongside him.

    After a night of networking, he had the names of seven interested people. One week later they had their first meeting, which formed the start of the game-project DwarfHeim. Six out of the original seven people are still working in Pineleaf AS today.

  2. Norwegian Game Awards

    may 2015

    Fast forward six months; sixteen nervous people are nervously presenting the project DwarfHeim at the next Norwegian Game Awards. The game was met with an enormous interest, and was only two votes away from winning the ‘Gamer’s Choice’ award.

    This warm reception led to the continuation of the project and ended up netting the team a talend scholarship from a major norwegian bank called Sparebanken 1 SMN, participation in an entrepreneurial contest hosted by Dagens Næringsliv (a leading Norwegian financial newspaper), and a working prototype within a year.

  3. The Establishment of Pineleaf Studio

    mar 2016

    Pineleaf studio was established. A larger emphasis was placed on the structure of the company, and what was expected from its employees. Today, eight people are working fulltime on the project, while another eight are working part time.

    The team has forgone many job offers and quit several other projects to be able to work with the studio 110%. The team is aiming to finance the development all the way until DwarfHeim releases, and everyone is willing to go to great lengths to make sure that happens.

  4. Investor and Pre-Alpha

    jun 2017

    The project Dwarfheim developed by Pineleaf studio enters its pre-Alpha phase, after 13 months and thousands upon thousands hours of prototype developing and a lot of public testing. The team expands to 16 people. The studio also get an investor, which gives a huge boost to the development.

  5. Closed Alpha

    aug 2017

    The project Dwarfheim reach alpha, and is now ready for closed alpha-testing. The studio experienced a surge of activity with the announcement of the closed alpha, and reached the maximum limit of 100 testers in under 10 hours.


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