Pineleaf Studio

We aim to become the leading game studio in Norway with a prominent standing in the global video games market. We want to become a sustainable studio that feeds the ever-growing game industry with innovation in game design, community building and technology.

Pineleaf Studio was started when a group of game developers in Trondheim came up with the idea for a different type of Real Time Strategy (RTS) Game, called DwarfHeim. After discussing the concept, the group submitted their idea to the Norwegian Game Awards and they proceeded to win the “Concept of the Year” award in 2015. The group built up Pineleaf Studio to put the idea into action and start developing DwarfHeim. The developers applied for a shared desk at a local co-working space, and form there, grew their concept to a full-fledged game.

This origins story encapsulates the energy of Pineleaf Studio. We put our plans into actiona, and we have a great appetite for innovation and success. Through the initial development of Dwarfheim, we have built a game studio that attracts talented professionals from all over the world, cultivated a dedicated global community and invented groundbreaking technology.

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